Terms and Conditions

Although there are documents such as SLA’s and MOU’s  which ring fence many projects for his clients it stands to reason that there are some basic  terms and conditions when contracting Graeme Lategan for Training, Facilitation, Business Presentations, Assessment, Moderation or Other Services.

Client Costs

Fees, within South Africa are Tax inclusive and pre-negotiated before the commencement of any work.

Except where specifically arranged or negotiated in terms of contracts, all general logistical disbursements, will be arranged and fully paid, up-front, by the client –

Venues for training, Facilitation, Business Presentations or other services will be arranged by the client organisation and will be for their costs.

The printing of training manuals are not included in his fees and are costed separately or as negotiated by the parties.

Payment Terms

Payments must be made via electronic bank transfers into the account as stipulated on a presented Invoice.

Quotations will be valid for a period of 3 months from the date of issue except in the case of international booking which are dictated by the economic exchange rates.

Late payments will be charged at 14% interest, calculated on a monthly basis.

Dates for any service will only be secured when the negotiated deposit for the specific service is received; this excludes those services by way of an SLA or an MOU and the on-going payment arrangements with current clients.

Deposits are not refundable due to the nature of this consultancy but may be carried over to a reasonable time-frame and may alter the original pricing depending on economic factors.

Full payment is required prior to any training event, except where a pre negotiated SLA or MOU with a specific client exists and with the proviso that no payments have ever been delayed.

In case of Government and Municipal Departments, only an official order number generated by an authorised official will be accepted and the presented invoice is strictly payable within 30 days.

Where applicable Air Travel is completely paid and provided by client prior to the event.

Where applicable all Accommodation is completely paid and provided prior to any booking of services or event.

Where applicable Transport must be arranged and paid in advance by the client.


Standard Expectations for Graeme


Driver or business class Transport Service

Minimum 4 star accommodation

All meals & in-room service cost (cost of mini bar, in-room dining, etc…)

No specific dietary requirements

Full internet access during workshop and in hotel

Road transport will be at R5 per kilometer (only where there is no air transport available).


Training Venue and Business Platforms

Safe and Conducive.

Adequate and comfortable seating for delegates.

Data projector HDMI Capability.

Sound system where required.

Lapel microphone if required.

Flip chart boards (ratio – one board for every five delegates).

White board markers (MULTIPLE COLOR markers for the trainer).


Training Materials

Each delegate will receive a link to an electronic course pack, prior to the training

Electronic course packs will consist of a PowerPoint slides; video clips and reading material;

Delegates should through the client liaison be able to print the material for use.

A workbook will be forwarded to the client prior to the training, which must be printed by the client organisation for each delegate.

Attendance registers and evaluation forms will be provided.

Printing of these materials must be done by the client organisation or will be negotiated prior to the contract.


Legal Concepts

Graeme Lategan operates as an independent contractor and no employer / employee relationship exists between the client and Graeme Lategan.

Graeme Lategan is a South African registered Tax Payer; therefore any income is taxed in South Africa. No tax is payable to or by Graeme Lategan from international clients.

Proof of Payment must be provided by all clients.

The date when work will begin is agreed on between Graeme Lategan and the client.

Graeme Lategan negotiates all terms and conditions, and therefore assumes that the person who is the client  appointed, authorised, and empowered to act on the clients principles behalf.


Presentations, hand-outs, workbooks, articles, or any other materials designed by associates of, or Graeme Lategan directly, may not be recorded, printed, used electronically, or reproduced in any other way, without direct and written permission.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions as published on this website is regarded as valid and current.